Great ideas come at any age, but it takes determination to turn them into success stories!

Jasrina being a lorry driver’s daughter took a leap of faith by pursuing her studies part-time as she did not want to further burden her father’s finances. She was made aware that finances were tight for her family, and her father who is a full-time lorry driver sometimes clocked into a seven-day work week, being the sole breadwinner of the family.

Hence, this noble 20-year-old has been since working and saving for each subsequent semester with the little income she makes by selling burgers at a housing area. Those financial hardships she had weathered growing up turned her into a resilient young woman hoping to create a better life for herself and that of her family as well.


The burger stall is said to be operated at 90, Persiaran Raja Perempuan Mazwin, Taman Tinggi, 30100 Ipoh, Perak, offering a variety of burgers including its best sellers Benjo Double, Twister Wrap and Crispy Chicken.

You don’t have the patience to queue in the long lines in front of the burger stall? No worries, ring up 011-26571361 and place your burger orders.

Let’s show some support to Jasrina! Head out and buy one of her burgers. Your purchase would certainly go a long way for this young lady.

Picture Credit: RJ Sathya Minnalfm