A home cooked meal always hits us different with its warm flavours, hearty portions that never fails to fill our tummies with utmost satiety and glee!

As we all sulk and contemplate each passing day striving through the lockdown yet again, why not treat ourselves to some good home cooked meal and also extend a helping hand  to uplift our local home based chefs amidst the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Here are a few handpicked home cooked caterers that caught my sight on the gram that I think would be able to make your day a bit more exciting having you looking forward to devour their mouthwatering delish meals!


2Amma’s Kitchen

*Choice to opt for cauliflower rice for those that do not consume rice.

Contact Details:

  • 017- 8707 911 (WhatsApp)

4Akka’s Kitchen

*Based in Penang

Contact Details:

  • 016- 4989029/017- 5687937

6Spicy Indian Tiffin

* Authentic North Indian & Punjabi dishes

Contact Details:

One of the striking highlights to their meals are that they are all freshly prepared daily upon each order and they are meticulously prepared with the same very sprinkle of care and love our Amma fed us with.

Come on folks! Let’s help these home based chefs out there and treat our families to some delectable flavoursome home made meals!

Feature Image Credit: TheHive.Asia