Some businesses are flourishing as their workforce is a hub of teamwork and creativity. Many excel, as they allow their workers the right to operate from home and the opportunity to work on family schedules. Yet, is working from home the right approach taken on by employers?

Do you like working from home or in a conventional office setting? Can you be equally productive if you work from home? The recent COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the working from home method as the new norm. While many businesses and big time corporations shifted away from the traditional office work environment approach to the home setting, employees that have been accustomed to the workplace had to instead get used to the work-from-home method.


As time passed, many felt that the greatest advantage of working from home is time. Instead of waking up before dawn and bracing the morning rush hour traffic to commute to work, you can wake up slightly later. This could mean extra minutes or hours of beauty sleep and a chance to indulge in a good hearty breakfast.

Working at home allows you to spend more time with your children or your partner, or do something you love instead of waiting in traffic.

Start the day peacefully instead of getting all worked up and in a hurry to get to your workplace. Finding time for yourself is also quite challenging, you can feel that spending more time in the mornings would make you happier and thus a more active employee.

Without the obligation of a rigid time frame, you can start and end your day whenever you feel like it. Working from home also allows you to take a couple more minutes for lunch. As long as you work the necessary hours to get your job completed, there’s no risk of changing your schedule a little.

Video conferences with colleagues may take up a little bit of your time, such as getting ready to look presentable before a call. So what about the days when you don’t have to do a video call with someone in your company? This means that you can work in your sweatpants or pyjamas, whichever is feasible for you of course.

Relaxed Fridays every single day, sure why not!

Many people found that working from home is like being confined to solitary confinement. We all want human interactions, and sometimes video conferences and phone calls won’t satisfy that need. Even if you can keep in contact with your team while working remotely, you no longer have the physical help of your friends and superiors in an office environment.

Of course, when something works it’s awesome, but if your internet connection is slow or problematic or you lack connections to the company’s intranet, you may not be able to do your job. Many businesses provide logistical resources intended to manage off-site workers, but you can never get the same level of assistance that you will in the workplace setting.

Do you ever consider that living at home sometimes requires discipline?

It’s really quick to turn away from work to browse the internet or home activities that need to be completed. When you’re working from home, you could potentially find it difficult to concentrate and get your job completed.

The advantages of an office setting allows you to have oversight and limitations, but you do have the encouragement and help of your supervisors and colleagues. Being around smart people could inspire you. A competitive atmosphere can motivate you to better prepare yourself for the task at hand, helping you to succeed in your profession and ultimately your position in the business.

When you’re in the workplace and you have a concern, you can easily get up and go to someone’s desk to ask them. You can bring them to your desk and display your problem to them on the screen of your computer. You might have a briefing that doesn’t require video conferencing. You are able to collaborate with your friends on a project without a graphical whiteboard and instead use a physical whiteboard.

However, your office like every other workspace consists of a few corner spaces, a wall of windows, and a sea of cubicles. Hence, you may be stuck in a rather closed-up, stuffy and sometimes compressed environment, thus unable to monitor the temperature of tell if its day or night. Without having glass windows to peek through outside, you are also depriving yourself from precious ray of morning sunlight filled with the goodness of vitamin D your skin desires. Sunlight also helps improves your satisfaction and your efficiency indirectly.

Many people are happier working in the office, while others are happier working at home. You’ve got to evaluate your decisions to determine what’s right for you. Would you be responsible enough to work from home?

Are you going to be satisfied without the regular help of your colleagues? Both options have their positives and setbacks. So, having said that, determine what’s best for you. Either way, whether working from home or in an office, it certainly requires discipline on your part, whether you are an employee or employer for that matter.

Now, this one’s for you. Would you favour working from the comforts of your home or an  office environment? Tell us your thoughts here. We’d love to hear from you.