In a way every girl in the world grows up by looking at themselves in a mirror. But how do you grow up healthy in an era of body shaming and unidentified bullies on the social media platform?

Adapting to this is easier today for some of us but harder on others. Most people on the other hand, gratifies beauty more than anything else. Just browse social media and you will know what I mean, “Beauty is more important than brains.” Ads and commercials only focus on the one with the best figure, best facial attributes and the fairer skin tone. Oh, how we beautifully tanned indian girls have gotten ourselves used to it. The harsh reality is, not many would give a second glance at a girl who does not possess the average model body, yet alone a darker skin tone girl. Don’t believe me, well you better do!

Try placing two girls side by side on an Instagram post. One is physically attractive, with the perfect Simran-like figure while the other is probably much simpler looking but the unadorned one might be an intellectual, sadly the one who is drop-dead gorgeous receives more praise. Having a perfect figure is what most of us women would want but if we could perhaps see a person for who they are rather than favour them based on their physical looks, we would have come a long way!


“If you see a lady being body-shamed, take two seconds to send them some love. We are women and love is our superpower, so don’t be afraid to use it,” Willcox says.

You should continue progressing in the direction of cherishing your body, it’s similarly critical to not judge individuals who appear to be different than you. That last part is essential, so read it again to remind yourself that we are each uniquely and equally attractive and beautiful in our own ways. Love and embrace a woman’s curves. Body-shamming will possibly stop when we tackle it fundamentally.

The typical existential battles of girls are:

Who am I? Am I deserving of adoration and regard? How do I look? Am i Beautiful? Am I too Fat? Do I look Ugly? Some of the questions most women and girls have time and again condemned themselves To!

Remember, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in god’s image. Adoring your body should never mean abhorring on somebody else’s. Love your body! yes girl, do that and encourage other girls to appreciate theirs too.

Perhaps its time to see more plus-sized models in the local modelling scene. Women coming from all shapes and sizes should be celebrated. Do you agree with me? Do share your thoughts and views in the comment section below.