We bet every Malaysian Indian is tired of hearing stereotypical things that hits the nail on the head. People tend to say stereotypical things to Indians all in the name of good humour. But guess what?

We got em’ back, and we got em’ back real good. 

Here are some of the perhaps most annoying and common stereotypes on Malaysian Indians, sounds familiar?

Are you a Vegetarian and if it is a ‘yes’, can you eat eggs?

The answer is NO. If you’re a vegetarian, at least you know that you want to keep away from beef, poultry, and seafood. Pure vegans even avoid eggs and milk. Obvious and simple, that is.

Why can’t Indians eat beef?

Hindus refrain from eating cow-based meat, as many consider the cow as a sacred animal, looked upon as a motherly lifeform. Hence, respect for the animal is part of the Hindu religion, apart from upholding the principle of sanctity of life and nonviolence towards animals.

Are you acquainted with the Suraangani Suraangani Suranganikaa Maanikenavaaaa song? What does it imply?

Indians are certainly familiar with the Suraangani song which rose to fame in 2014. But the song has nothing to do with us, Malaysian Indians.

Why do Indians tend to shake their heads while communicating?

Seriously, are we doing that too often?

Well, in Indian culture the ‘head shake’ is a non-verbal, quick and easy mode of speech, and it may present one with many interpretations based on how the head and chin move while communicating.

You’re actually quite fair for an Indian. Like seriously?

We just seem so fascinated with fair skin. Its a sad truth, but the affection of Indian men and women towards those who have a fairer skin tone is always revealed shamelessly. Don’t believe me? Just step into any Indian cash&carry retail shop, and you would come across an array of skin whitening products. Indians are deceived by such products telling them, if you are fair skinned, you are at a greater advantage in life that those with a darker skin tone.

Do you speak Bollywood, since you guys are of Indian origin?

First and foremost, I would like to enlighten you that Bollywood is a film industry, its not a language!

Most Malaysian Indians are Tamils, Malayalis, Telugus, Punjabis and Ceylonese Tamils that originated from South India and Sri Lanka, which means, we don’t speak Hindi (the official language used in Bollywood movies). Hindi is a Northern Indian language, hence spoken by the many northern Indian Bollywood actors and actresses. Hence, we are just as clueless as you are when it comes to Hindi Bollywood.

Have you encountered any of these lame stereotypes in your life? If yes, feel free to leave your comments below!