A teacher certainly has a very profound effect on a student’s life and to a point of changing one’s outlook, perception and even becoming a model and inspiration.

Whenever a desire to dance is birthed in an individual, it’s not always possible to attend a dance or workshop, more so now with the restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that you should be deprived of dancing.

In order to teach Bharatanatyam, Vishalini Sivaperegasam transformed the car porch of her double story house in Jitrah, Kedah, into a dance floor.


Vishalini has been conducting Bharatanatyam classes every Thursdays and Saturdays at her home. A total number of 18 students are actively attending her classes amongst them is a Chinese lady who works as a dentist. 

The reason behind the setting up of her Bharatanatyam class is due to fact that those interested in Bharatanatyam are having a hard time finding qualified dance teachers in Jitra. 

We cannot deny that other dances and even other forms of exercise such as Zumba have also proven to influence the interconnectivity within the brain, but the traditional dance that has been practiced by Indians for thousands of years is more special and spectacular.

Image credit: G.C.TAN/The Star

According to Vishalini, Bharatanatyam would eventually increase the dancer’s versatility, due to the various steps and positions which stretch and loosen the muscles within a performer’s body. It also increases strength and agility, which is vital for dance as it is a strenuous exercise and improved stamina extends the ability of the dancer to perform.