Bangsar is popularly known as the town that never calls it a day or a some of us, an urban suburb smashed strategically in the heart of bustling KL which is a one-stop centre for food, shopping and entertainment.

However, those that frequent the town would also be well aware that it holds a very special street known as Lucky Garden where folks from all walks of life flock by to devour at these eateries that is sure to have one of the best local heartwarming delights, that is cheap on the price and heavy on the quantity!


Through several decades, Lorong Ara Kiri 1 has been a patchy path for Bangsar’s Lucky Garden food stalls, as nearby residents have continuously pressured local authorities to overhaul the spot.

Dewan Bandaraya KL brought a three-month project forward towards June to redevelop and reconstruct the stalls.

In Lucky Garden, a few stalls such as Poomy’s Kitchen and Om Chelo Appam are being hunted down by foodies after it had been forced to relocate. Others have started operating from a food truck parked in Bangsar, like Anuar’s Fish Head Curry or Bangsar Fish Head Corner and have expanded their businesses to Jalan Dang Wangi and Sepang by opening new franchises.

This stalls were definite to captivate the hearts of many with their wide range of super delicious and cheap food, that you would not be able to get especially amongst all the hiked up food prices these days.

The shop has been renamed Mohan’s Appam, should you miss the soft fluffy, sweet appam prepared on the spot by Poomy’s Kitchen. Since mid-June, the stall has been operating within the premise of Restoran VRN Uncle Muniz, right opposite the initial stall.

This stall is known to have an array of brown sugar to savoury ones, like appam egg topped with pepper and salt or appam served with their signature coconut sambal. For those who love Om Chelo’s sweet appam, they have opened their new shop just above Restoran VRN Uncle Muniz.

The new location isn’t likely to offer their steamed putu, but here you can still get your hands on their appam, idli, thosai, poori and vegetarian curry puffs!

Another stall that has people coming by, queuing in long lines just to savour a plate of fish curry rice is The Bangsar Fish Head Corner, that tempts and allures people for their RM3 lunch deal.

A plate of rice comes with a vegetable, and yummylicious curry with a side of fried chicken or squid, costing only RM3!

Customers usually prefer dine-in taking in the urban ambience with free refills of rice and steaming hot crunchy sides of choice. Uncle Anuar’s fish head curry stall has been in business since the 1980s and is run by Anvardeen Zainul Abidin or Uncle Anuar as he is widely recognised.

Uncle Anuar has officially opened 2 outlets this week, one at Jalan Dang Wangi and one at Kota Warisan Sepang. The Sepang outlet will be their central kitchen and cater to customers in that area as well with on going plans to penetrate into the Wangsa Maju area.

For those of you who prefer to dine-in, especially now with the high spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may arrange your orders via WhatsApp for delivery at your own cost or self-pick-up. Many customers had swarmed there just to enjoy the opening promotion price of RM3 for the Jalan Dang Wangi outlet, but this time around, the meal was priced at RM5.

You can still pay RM3 for a plate of rice, vegetables, curry and fried chicken or chicken at their Sepang outlet.

So, what are you waiting for foodies, go check em and savour your long awaited crave for delish Malaysian street food. Bon Apetitie Folks!!