The hair oiling process is the technique of pouring oil onto the hair and gently massaging it into the scalp to increase strength, appeal, and shine. Hair oiling may strengthen the hair as well as provide vitamins and minerals that are stripped from frequent washing.

This method has been applied by generations in India and is suggested in Ayurvedic medicine. Hair oiling has grown beyond Ayurvedic tradition, and is used by many to preserve the health and liveliness of their hair.


It can also reduce hair loss, according to a few experts. There are indeed specific hair oiling methods, as well as various forms of oil that could be used to gain special benefits. Maintaining a good luxurious hair, accommodating to the necessary steps needed to nurture it, could be somewhat a tedious process for many!

Here a few locally based, organic hair oil producers whom brew their very own special hair oil in their respective authentic way promising to keep the crown on our head abundantly healthy and strong!


Ayurveda recommends oiling your hair almost every day as part of a dinacharya or regular routine, although this might not be feasible for everybody. Hair oiling is a remedy for healthy hair that comes from the herbal practises of Ayurveda.

Daily oiling can prevent hair from being harmed by the pollution and chemicals present in the shampoo. So happy oiling, and flaunt the magnificent crown on your head with sheer elegance!