Filmmaker Mysskin has opted out of upcoming Tamil thriller Thupparivaalan 2 over budget constraints. Vishal is said to be taking over the reins of the project and he will direct the reminder portion of the film.

Mysskin and Vishal had teamed up for Thupparivaalan, an investigative thriller, a few years ago. The film was received well both critically and commercially.

Work on the sequel commenced last November in London. As per a statement, predominant portion of the project was supposed to be shot in the UK.

“Mysskin had started location hunting in London in August and had spent about a month-and-a-half there. But when they started shooting in November, there were problems pertaining to location permission. Usually, when you shoot abroad, you need to have permissions in place at least a month in advance. But the team had no proper plan in place and the shoot had to be halted for several days because there were no permits. This cost them a lot of money. They shot in London till December 11 and returned to India, after spending about Rs 12 crores for that schedule. That, coupled with this requirement for additional budget, erupted into a huge problem. Tension escalated during a discussion between them last month when Mysskin had refused to direct the film,” a source was quoted in an online report.

Both Vishal and Mysskin are expected to sign a legal agreement soon, after which the project will be taken over by the former. Thupparivaalan 2 stars debutante Ashya. Lensman Nirav Shah will crank he camera while Ilayaraja will compose music.