Poochandi Varaan….that’s the official title track for the upcoming movie Poochandi. And we must say, the song is deep, distinct and mindblowing. The music video is composed and sung solely by Ganesan Manohgaran, a local sensation and Astro Vaanavil Superstar 2010 -singing competition winner, who made his first stint in this film and the number is penned by lyricist Natturaja Durai. The cinematograpy and effects are a whole new level of dynamics altogether, and the talented dancers from DNX just sparked it off!

It’s so inspiring to see our Malaysian artist produce films and songs out of the ordinary mainstream plot. Our local directors and music artist have penetrated the niche market and are making a positive trajectory with their outstanding skills. Their aspiring skills accompanied with new ideas have positioned them onto the global market with a huge demand especially within the Asian region. Well deserving indeed!

Poochandi Vaaran is the first Cyber Punk styled music video in Malaysia!



The song and music video official release was held at GSC Nu Sentral on 25th September and was officiated by our very own homegrown renowned rapper, Yogi B.

Yogi B receiving token of appreciation from JK Wicky & Ganesan
Photo Credit: Poochandi Facebook Page

Poochandi helmed by Director JK Wicky, is a  suspense thriller that will hit the screens on 12th November 2020,  maKIng its debut as the first ever Malaysian Tamil film to be released during Deepavali!

The film depicts Murugan (RJ Ramana), a journalist from an Indian horror story magazine who travels to Malaysia to collect unique and supernatural anecdotes. When Murugan meets Shankar, who shares a spine-chilling paranormal experience that happened to him and his friends, what began as an ordinary story search turns into a dreadful life-changing mystery.

The most awaited and hyped suspense-thriller is produced by S. Andy, from Trium Studio Pvt Ltd, under JK Wicky’s directorial debut. The trailer of Poochandi Varaan showcases the bits and glimpses of the film, with their very catchy and enthralling music video.

JK Wicky & Ganesan
Photo Credit: Poochandi Facebook Page

According to JK Wicky “This movie was done based on a very serious conception and a song was not intended initially but later when the idea to shoot a song highlighting the word “Poochandi” was proposed, he immediately got on board and made this exclusive piece.


Poochandi was retweeted by director Karthik Subbaraj (of the Petta fame of Rajinikanth), giving the film a provisional spike in the Indian market.

Our very own director has definitely made a significant mark for himself for his adroit directorial skills!

His directorial touch on Naduvan, a song by Dr. Burn, a local hip-hop enthusiast hit the tamil music industry like a wave, mesmerising everyone with his enrapture visuals. Naduvan blew up all the charts and clinched the best Music Video award at the Anugerah Industri Music (AIM) in 2013.

JK Wicky became a household name and the talk of the town with his skillful and creative talent in producing uniquely concept music videos!

The director has also made many other successful endeavours that earned him a name in the international market such as amazing hits like Cheers (Psychomantra), Enthan Amma (Michael Amma), and Rao), Paadagan (Ganesan Manohgaran), Ninaithu (Thyivya Kalaiselvan), and Shakti (Dr. Burn).

Source: JK Wicky’s Official Facebook Page

Each music video from JK Wicky goes well beyond our shores, and has been received with applauds by audiences abroad, accruing huge visibility, especially from Makkal TV, India

For more updates on Poochandi, check out their official Facebook Page here and do subscribe and watch JK Wicky’s official YouTube handle here! 

We are excited to catch this crime thriller on the screens soon! Good Luck JK Wicky on your new venture!

Poochandi Vaaran is available on all streaming apps such as spotify, itunes and apple music and we definitely foresee this song to become a superhit especially with the millennials!