Metro Malai; a movie created by our local directors Haran Kaveri and Shobaan, made a name for itself for its distinguished storyline and blunt honesty depicting the life of two Indian Malaysians after it successfully premiered on Amazon Prime.

Our very own Malaysian Made movie would be accessible to over 200 countries! This is a great milestone achieved by the Malaysian Indian Film Industry. Bravo!

The movie showcases the life of a striving guitarist facing extreme challenges, battles and hurdles trying to make a living for himself and on the other end is a young married woman who is forced to live independently without her husband who seems to neglect her. In the midst of it all, both lives take a turn when they cross paths.


The lead roles were played by Satish as the Anonymous male character and Punitah Shanmugam as Nithya,the female lead.

The twist to the story happens when they start devouring each other’s company and falling in love over time, eventually leading to extra marital affairs.

As we anticipate the igniting plot, will Satish and Nithya break all odds and stereotypes?

The Plot Gets exciting! To watch The movie, Head On To Amazon Prime now.

This movie does not only carry a very intriguing storyline, the film would bring us on a journey giving us an insight into every nook and corner of KL streets that we may have never known. Thus, taking us on an adventure in our very own KL city!

Movie buffs! Do watch this movie as this is one of the best Malaysian movie shot in an exquisite manner, that is sure to keep you hooked to the screens throughout!