Jiiva’s upcoming film Gypsy sees the actor take on the role of a wanderlust, whose best friend is his horse. The trailer of the travel themed romantic film was released earlier this year, to rave reviews mostly because of the music director of the film.

Santosh Narayanan doesn’t resort to the tried and tested breezy music we are used to hearing when we see the Himalayas in the background. The tunes of Gypsy are earthy, and it works wonders.


But, the first song released from the film tells us a different story. The jailhouse tune, Very Very Bad is addictive, and may just be the gaana song to look out for this year.

Very Very Bad is an interesting song. The portraits of Karl Marx, Ambedkar, Periyar and Velupillai Prabhakaran are seen inside the prison cell, behind bars. As Santhosh Narayanan is escorted by the police into his cell, the inmates along the way question him on what he has done to deserve incarceration.

The inmates aren’t just extras. They are all activists who have been jailed in the past, for voicing their dissatisfaction with the government, and fighting for their causes.

The lyrics to the tune also talk about the oppression of these activists, and how their voices are almost always silenced. Very Very Bad blatantly questions the arrests of social and political activists in Tamil Nadu since the take over by the current state government. At the end of the song, we are reminded that it is a dedication to those who are ‘anti-Indian’, a term used on those who question the state government’s policies.

Gypsy director Raju Murugan, the brains behind Cuckoo and Joker, assured the press that the film isn’t a political one, but will have elements of how the administration of the government trickles down into the everyday person’s life.

Gypsy is set to release in February.