What happens when two tremendously talented musicians work on a cover of a classic? Subtle magic. The song Vaseegara may be 18 years old, but it still evokes feelings of tenderness and sensuality in those of us who grew up in the days of Maddy’s Minnale. Singer Jonita Gandhi and guitarist Keba Jeremiah have managed to embody those same emotions, years later.

Composed by Harris Jayaraj with lyrics by Thamarai and originally sung by Bombay Jayshree, Vaseegara has been covered plenty of times. So why is this one by Jonita and Keba so special, one might ask.

The simplicity of the cover shines through, Keba’s guitar, Jonita’s silky voice, her effortless pronunciation of the Tamil lyrics before switching it up to a verse in Hindi, it all works perfectly.