Dubbed the Adele of Malaysia, singer Elvira Arul has been a household name ever since she won the local reality singing competition, Mentor Otai in 2018. 

Elvira continues to amaze us with her powerhouse vocals in every song she sings. Put your headphones on, because we’ve compiled the five times she completely blew our minds!

Menghitung Hari 

Elvira collaborated with singer Dina Nadzir for two tunes since the movement control order (MCO) began. Menghitung Hari is our personal favourite!


Elvira’s #MuzikDariRumah Showcase

The incredible people at Muzik Malaysia, a pro tem committee under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia roped Elvira in to perform at one of their many showcases. Obviously, she went all out.

Simple Love

Simple Love may not be a new song, but it is a beautiful one we adore. Also, it is really nice to see how Elvira has grown as a singer over the past decade. This song won her the Best Female Vocalist in the Voice Independent Music Awards 2010. 


Elvira emotes so well with Berlayar. We cannot call her the Adele of Malaysia anymore, because she is in a league of her own

This Is Me featuring Jaclyn Victor

Elvira Arul AND Jaclyn Victor? This explosive song is everything you need when you are feeling small or unsure of yourself. The two rocked the stage during their performance at Anugerah Skrin 2018. There was so much strength, soul, power and representation within this five minute video. This is one of those performances the future generations are going to be telling their grandchildren about.

Elvira is a regular on the Kuala Lumpur live music scene, and we cannot wait to see her perform again. For now, this will have to do do.

Elvira, your gift of music has brought joy and comfort to many of us. Thank you for doing what  you do.

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Cover image credits of AFO Radio.