Amos Paul has always been working on music, a glimpse of his new music is available for streaming on his Instagram profile. This time around, he has wowed us yet again with Urvasi X Dance Monkey. This amazing hit features talented guitarist Timothy and bassist Rohan.

Despite the release of his new hit, all time favourite Urvasi Urvasi remains a golden treasure among his fans. Amos has brought a breath of fresh air to the 90s classic song and the results were mind blowing. The famous 90s tune was originally composed by musical maestro AR Rahman and sung by the musical genius himself, Suresh Peters and Shahul Hameed.

The song remains etched in our minds, eons after it was released with every millennial (born in the 80s – early 2000s) still humming to the song at one time or another. Since the release of the mashup song, it has reached over 3,000 views in just a single day! Congratulations Amos!

Check out the full video here:

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