Beautifully sung! A heartfelt mother’s love is eternal.

A piece of brand new music video titled X-Love was released recently and it combines a lovely finger-picked flutist Navin with seemingly stream-of-consciousness lyrics penned by Yuwaji. The brainchild for this song is Dinesh Kumar or popularly known as DK. The talented musician sung and directed the song by himself while its music was composed by  Shameshan Mani Maran.

X-Love song aptly captures how a mother can excessively worry about her son’s life and it shows a special bonding between mother and son. This song is receiving applauds from fans for its fineness and is appreciated for its fresh music. It has also garnered 28,000 views and 3.6k likes in just three days after being released on YouTube.


Described as one of the most beautiful song penned by a local lyricist, the music video features DK, Anita Permata Sari, Pavetraa Reddy, Smith DK, Nivahshini, Vijay Armstong, Kogila Murali, Sugar Sugi, Barni, Evarani, Raj Rainmaker, Joel, Dharma, Mahilvanan, Nithya, Dashrrath DK, Veshmikha DK, Jaishree, Mogan Raj, Vishwadhik, Krishnan, Kesav Kumar, Nevethashree, Sathiswar and Tassveena.

This song will pull at the right chords of your heart and will definitely make you want to hug your mommy!