Santesh, is a uniquely gifted Malaysian artist with an exceptionally magical voice that could transverse emotions and hit high octaves with absolute ease, evoking wonder without a filter of nostalgia.

Recently, the talented musician went down memory lane by singing S P B’s soulful rendition Nalam Vaazha Ennalum from the film Marupadiyum. The rendition will leave you in awe as he shows such incredible varieties in his voice without stressing his vocals in the slightest bit.

This soothing lullaby by SPB is one of those melodies which can cause you to overlook your daily concerns, forget the world for a little while and release you from whatever seems worrisome. This beautiful masterpiece has the ability to calm your senses, overall giving you some peace of mind.


Don’t we all crave for that one song to leave a long-lasting mark in our hearts? I’m very pleased to say that this song would do just that for you.

Check out the post below. You might be moved to tears. 

S P Balasubrahmanyam was admitted to Chennai’s MGM Healthcare hospital on 5th August after being suspected of Covid-19. The musical maestro tested negative but continued to be on life support. Sadly, he passed away on 25th September from what is believed to be from post Covid-19 complications, although initially testing negative for the fatal virus. S P Balasubrahmanyam is survived by his wife Savitri, daughter Pallavi, and son S P Charan, who is a producer and a singer.

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