Have you ever wondered what is it like being a social media influencer on Instagram or how would our life ever be without the existence of the Instagram app that most of us practically spend almost half our day on?

Then its a definite must to check out ADK’s new upbeat release that just dropped on his official Youtube page! This song is featured on a full on hip hop bass with a super quirky beat, with eye-catching visuals and addictive lyrics embedded in it!



ADK or Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam has always been the master of releasing super fun songs that fits perfectly into the current era, captivating a mass audience of all age groups. His current song depicts clearly the life of an Instagrammer and how deceiving they appear to be at times, hiding their sorrows and pains just for a picture that could grab the attention of their followers.

Insta Life is penned and performed by ADK himself with a mass release made yesterday on his YouTube page!

The song is creatively scripted highlighting on how certain Instagrammers are too engrossed on the number of followers and fame ultimately jeopardising their own life and worth. Instagram has definitely become such a popular app among the community that certain celebrities have even made use of this trending app as a source of living.

As a public figure and celeb, he has brought to light the ills of such platforms at the same time showcasing the good that could also come out of it, so its not necessarily all that bad. And he enlightens the community well with this song! The effects of social media depends merely on its respective consumer and how they make use of the app, for better or for worse.

Hence, make use of technology wisely and put it to good use to benefit all mankind.

A Good One ADK On This Release!