Deepavali, the most exciting, colourful, vibrant and joyous festival is just a week away, and Astro has released their most awaited Deepavali song of the year Punnaigai Deepavali, featuring a variety of renowned Malaysian Indian artists in this colourful and meaningful collaboration video.

Punnaigai Deepavali’s vibrant colours and cheerful cheery beat is sure to get you hooked, swaying your Body along with its beautiful lyrics And entertaining video. 



Malaysia has no paucity of talent when it comes to music. The song is a rendition of 10 talented prominent artists namely Psychomantra, Datin Sri Shaila V, Balan Kashmir, Shastan K, Kumaresh, Hasmitha Selvam, Punitha Raja, Yunohoo, Santesh Kumar and Denes Kumar.

This beautiful composition is produced by Vimala Perumal from Veedu Productions alongside music composer Shameshan. This meaningful composition is brought to live captivating a special place in all our hearts!

Deepavali this year is unlike the previous years. This time around the festival of lights will be celebrated with strict SOPs pertaining to the rise in Covid-19 cases in the country, and the enforcement of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Family gatherings and temple visits in the morning will need to be moderate this year, in order for us to break the Covid-19 chain.

Nevertheless, let’s celebrate this year’s Deepavali with “Punnagai Deepavali”