A fantastic team of youngsters presented their musical and visual skills through a melodic music video called ‘Udaney Vaayen.’ It is sung by Bawani Selvam and Pratheban Ganesh, penned by Kausalya.N and composed by an upcoming music composer, Hari Maaran.


HARI did background film scores for ‘Aasan’ and also worked on another Malaysian Tamil movie, ‘Paakaati Po,’ earlier this year.

In the music video, ‘Udaney Vaayen‘ is a song written by Meyshnaa (Brenda) about her longing to meet her lover (Shatish Rao) who will be away from her for two years. She recollects all the ups and downs that they went through together and cherishes his memories while he’s away.

Yet again the composer in ‘Udaney Vaayen‘ managed to give the audience a profound sense of the girl’s eagerness and longing for her lover.

Those behind this music video have definitely conveyed the Heart Rendering emotions to the viewers.

Udaney Vaayen‘ is published by Veedu Production. This beautiful music video was produced by Shatish Rao, Kathir Raven S, Pavin Raymond and Raja Kumar, co-produced by Yehganesh Ravichandran, Arwin Rajh and Eeshwar.

All these talented Malaysian youngsters are not only skilled, but also enthusiastic about their passion.

This can be seen by the solidity of their performance. So let’s welcome them with our love and encouragement so that they can continue to enhance, sharpen and replenish their talent.

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