Nee Enthan Anbe is such a melodic rhythm that brings us the nostalgic feelings of those days. This song was composed by Funky Shankar and was a big hit back then and still has a special place in our hearts.

However, the latest version, ‘Rebirth Nee Enthan Anbe,’ was produced and released by DKI Records on 20th December.


Trust me, this version is even more tuneful, and the visuals were just amazing. It was like watching a Kollywood music video. 

The song features the primary singers on ‘Nee enthan anbe’, Funky Shankar and Urmila Chandrasekhar, who held up to the originality of the previous version. This song is out on Spotify as well.

Moon Nila and Astro Yuthamedai 2012 Winner, Nantha Tiamo are both featured in the music video as well. This music video marks Moon Nila’s 13. This beautiful piece of art is directed by KK Khanna.

What do you think of the new version of ‘Nee Enthan Anbe’?