As the air around us has started arousing with love vibes, there’s nothing like a love song to get your heart racing right?

Venpa famed director Kavi Nanthan who is renowned in the Malaysian film industry for depicting heart captivating love stories that is sure to get most of his audience relating themselves with has just made a new musical short film.


Director Kavi Nanthan does it again, spellbounding us mesmerised in awe of his latest musical short film; Pattanathu Machan!

Watch Pattanathu Machan Here:

Speaking exclusively to the director himself, Kavi Nanthan decoded his inspiration behind this beautiful rendition.

Upon hearing it for the first time, this song was an immediate hit for him, prompting him to film a music video. This song was an initial release taken from the 2016 album Ithu Chumma Trailer II by S.L.Y Squad with a similar name, Pattanathu Machan.

He could not proceed further with his idea due to work commitments in relation to his ongoing film ventures. Again in 2020, when he stumbled across the song during the first MCO phase, it quickly struck upon him to establish it as a musical short film.

The concept was developed to succeed upon further discussion with Saresh D7 and was made entirely with a village based concept, alongside a cheeky fun lively choreography by Sharuba Sasidaran. 

Produced by S.L.Y Squad, with 3 astonishing vocals R.I.E, Sritharan and Saresh D7, this song was casted by director Kavi Nanthan himself alongside Kavines Ganesh, Vigneswari Uttaraja Poobithy and Pretika Indran.

Elongating his new release  to perfection, there is a special tune composed as a background score by Varmman Elangkovan that is sure to melt your heart away. 

The musical short film was constructed in 5 days at 3 different locations namely Kapar, Tanjung Karang and Sekinchan. The amazingly evince of a country feel definitely elevates the song to a whole new level!