Uyireh Maha; a brand new track is out for our listening pleasure which focuses on embracing love and somehow happens to be the kind of bliss we all need right now. Released on Freedom Pro Production Youtube channel, the music video been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from the netizens. 

Originally composed by Anbalagan Anpparasan, the song was sung by himself and along with Mazhaiye Mazhaiye fame Sharmila SivaguruSangiry Sivasangar & Anbalagan penned down the lyrics of this soothing song. The feel, emotions, and words were just perfectly matched with the concept of the video. 

The young vocalist crooning sweet nothings-that-are-actually-dark-somethings lyrics illuminate and elevate the song.


Helmed by Xavier Thevan, the breathtaking music video has captivating visuals by the editorial team who did an amazing job with the editing. The music video features P. Mahalaxmi, B.Rowenna Ruth, Xavier Thevan, Thinesh Kumar, Yin Jack, and Moses Albert. 

Check out their latest music video here: