After his stellar performance the spy-thriller Spyder, Bharath is ready to hit back with another film.

Bharath will be playing the lead role in his next movie, 8, which directed by Vijay Kaviraj and produced by N. Rajkumar. Model-turned-actress Pooja Zaveri will be playing Bharath’s co-star in the romantic comedy thriller. Soori will be providing comic relief for the film, alongside funnyman Robo Shankar.

“We’ve already finished 60 per cent of the shoot in two schedules in Chennai, Pattukottai and Kerala. I only approached John Peters for the music, but he was so impressed with the project that he decided to co-produce it also.” director Vijay Kaviraj said.

“It would be a romantic entertainer. There are eight stages of man in life. Even after his death he needs to cross eight stages. This forms the crux of the film.” he added.