India’s renowned actor and comedian probably didn’t expect so much backlash when he tweeted about summer holidays. Well, that’s what you get for still subscribing to gender stereotypes in 2018.

“Dear students n kids! Despite summer, enjoy your vacation. Drink lots of water after playing. Girls! b helpful to your moms in kitchen n learn cooking. Boys, go to your dad’s workplace n see how he works for your family! Bond thickens!” the actor tweeted.

Naturally, this tweet received a lot of backlash from his followers, male and female alike.

There are two things that are wrong with this tweet; a) telling girls that their place is in the kitchen. It’s not 1950s bro! b) assuming that only dads work to support the family. So moms don’t work hard for the family?

Here’s how his fans reacted:

Vivek decided to clarify the tweet – which kinda only made it worse. According to him, he didn’t mean girls have to stay in the kitchen “at all times”; just the holidays. Oh okay, that just makes it so much better.

To summarise, we think that EVERYONE should help in the kitchen and EVERYONE should follow their parents to work.