Atcham Thavir revolves around the story of 5 friends embarking on their own journey in life – facing their biggest fears along the way.

The film stars some of the biggest names in the local entertainment industry – with a huge chunk of the casts hailing from THR Raaga. The movie features Aanantha, Geetha, Uthaya, Revathy, Ahila, Yashini, along with other prominent local icons like Kuben Mahadevan, Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Vikadakavi; just to name a few.

A brand new venture from director Karthik Shamalan, Atcham Thavir is set to hit cinemas nationwide on the 5th of July. Karthik is co-directing the movie with SS Vikneswaran from Singapore. Varmman Elangkovan is onboard as music director.

The official trailer for the film is already out – and we sure can’t wait to watch the movie when it’s out!