It’s day 4 in the Bigg Boss 2 house.

In the round 2 of the luxury budget task, the housemates are divided into two teams. One team will tell a story and the other team has to figure out whether the story is true or false.

The contestants in the storytelling team – Balaji, Nithya, Yaashika Aanand, Mumtaz, Vaishnavi and Mahat – go into the confession room to let Bigg Boss know whether their story is true or not.

Bhalajie and Nithya – who are married but not on good terms – decide to use this opportunity to tell their story. Nithya talks about how she’s a successful single mother, while Bhalajie talks how much he misses his late father. He says that his father could have helped him solve the problem he is facing today.

Mumtaz then speaks to Bhalajie to see if she can help him out with his marriage.

Aside from that, Nithya calls for a house meeting to discuss a problem she has with cooking. She felt that the cooking tasks assigned to her were unfair and that the tasks are not divided properly.

Cooking captain Mumtaz tries to calm Nithya down, but to no avail. Things get heated when Nithya kept on asking Mumtaz why she doesn’t cook in the mornings.

“Despite my condition (joint pain and face numbness) I came out this morning and made chapatis. I even helped with making the sabji. If you have a problem because I asked you to make tea twice in a day, then what about me? I did it throughout yesterday. I will bow down and apologise if I have done something wrong. However, I will not let anyone treat me like this,” Mumtaz said.