Atcham Thavir is the latest local Tamil movie to make waves in the local film scene.

The movie revolves around 5 carefree friends who live their lives with little concern, until something happens one night and it changes everything. The film stars renowned local icons like THR’s Geetha, Aanantha, Uthaya, Revathi, rappers Rabbit Mac and Sheezay, Vikadakavi, Kuben Mahadevan, Gana, Alvin, and more.


One character that turned out to be a crowd is Rabbit Mac’s character who is a die-hard Darkkey fan. In the movie, Rabbit is obsessed with everything that is related to Darkkey – he is often seen blasting the legend’s music and drowning out everything else.

Source: Punnagai Poo Geetha

“I’m actually a huge Darkkey fan in real life too. So when they told me about the role, I was super excited,” Rabbit revealed while going live on Instagram yesterday.

Aside from that, another interesting fact about Rabbit’s character is that he suffers from a condition known as gynophobia – the fear or dislike of women. How does that affect the other characters? Find out by watching Atcham Thavir in your nearest cinemas now!