The latest episode of ‘Ithu Namma Paathu La’ on Astro featured the Havoc Brothers as their special guests.

Havoc Mathan and Naven are currently celebrating their 10th year in the local music industry – having entered the scene in 2008. They recently released a teaser promo for their new single, “Kaarat” – produced by Rabbit Mac of Psycho Unit.

Despite that, there were rumours that the Havoc Brothers apparently want to quit making music. Host Yuvaraj decided to address the rumour with the brothers to find out if there’s any truth to it.

“Actually, what we really want is for the Malaysian audience to stop subscribing to piracy. The day that they stand up to piracy and say that they will only buy original CDs, then we’ll give them everything we have,”¬†Havoc Mathan said on the show.

Film and music piracy has been a problem in the local entertainment industry for a long time – making it difficult for artistes to make a living out of it. So guys, let’s stop buying pirated CDs and streaming music illegally, because it’s only hurting our own talents!

TEASER: Havoc Brothers’ ‘Kaarat’ Promo Is Out!