Denes Kumar and Dr. Vimala are back with yet another highly-anticipated movie, Vedigundu Pasangge.

The movie stars Denes Kumar in the leading role, along with Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Kuben Mahadevan, Alvin, Seelan, Magen Vikadakavi, and more. It is all geared up to hit cinemas nationwide on the 26th of July.

Vedigundu Pasangge centers around snatch-theft and other social problems that are plaguing the Indian community in Malaysia. According to director Dr. Vimala Perumal, the movie is meant to just highlight what’s going on in society and not to send out any particular message.

“I just wanted to show what’s happening in the society right now. I’m not trying to send out any particular message, but if people watch this movie and learn something, then I’ll be very happy,” Dr. Vimala said during the press conference.

Lead actor Denes Kumar added that snatch-theft is quite a serious problem in the country right now, and that even he was not spared.

“I was a victim of snatch-theft before. Someone snatched my chain in Brickfields, and no one came to help because they thought it was part of a (film) shooting,” Denes said.

“It’s upsetting, and it’s a real problem. I even tell my wife not to wear her thali out in public anymore – because I’m so worried,” he added.

Vedigundu Pasangge will be out in theatres starting 26th July.