Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey is the latest local Tamil movie to open in cinemas nationwide.

The film stars Shalini Balasundaram in a leading role, along with Saresh D7, Irfan, Kabil Ganesan, Yuvaraj Krishnasamy and more. Shalini Balasundaram also directed the movie.

Since the movie hit cinemas, there have been a lot of polarizing reviews that surfaced. Some absolutely loved it, while others felt it had a resemblance to Shalini’s first film, Geethaiyin Raadhai. There were criticisms that Shalini portrayed the same childish character and then she was trying hard to be like Genelia.


“I’m definitely not childish, that’s not who I am at all,” Shalini said in an interview with  Raaga recently. “In Geethaiyin Raadhai, Aarti’s character was like that, so I portrayed it like that. But that’s not a representation of me. If I’m childish, do you think I can direct a movie and distribute it to theaters nationwide?” she added.

“I think you guys don’t really know me. You’re just using a minor observation to define who I am, and that is not right,” she said.

Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey revolves around the issue of robbery and snatch-theft, inspired by real-life events that Shalini experienced. Catch the movie in cinemas now!