Rajini fans – which pretty much means everyone under the sun – it looks like Pa.Ranjith’s Kaala might be hitting the screens way before Shankar’s 2.0.

Even though 2.0 has wrapped up filming months ago, the sci-fi film still needs to spend a longer time in post-production due to the heavy use of CGI and VFX.

2.0 was initially scheduled for release on the 14th of April, but multiple online sources are claiming that Rajini’s Kaala might be released in April instead to give 2.0 more time in post production.

Kaala has already gone into the final stages of post-production, and music composer Santhosh Narayan has started working on the background score. The movie could very well make the April slot, replacing the date set for 2.0.

In this case, 2.0 that could be pushed down to November to make sure we’re still getting a Superstar movie for Diwali 2018.

Source: The News Minute