While many of us write a long list of places to visit on dreamy weekend afternoons and let it sit at the bottom of the bucket list for ages, a 70 year old couple in Kochi, Kerala work hard to make their dreams come true.

In a video by popular travel vlogger, Drew Binsky, Vijayan and Mohana who have been happily married for over 45 years shared a passion to see the world. Having limited financial resources, they decided to start their own tea shop called Sree Balaji Coffee Shop off Katrikadavu Road.

The couple brewed their first cup of tea in 1963 and have since been serving heavenly caffeine fuels to locals. They save 300 Rupees every day and use bank loans to fund their travels around the world. It takes up to 3 years to pay off the bank loans and then, the cycle continues.

Vijay and Mohana have travelled to 23 countries, including Brazil, USA, Singapore and Switzerland and they plan to continue doing so. The walls of Sree Balaji Coffee House acts as a memoir to their travels with photos and currencies from the world over hanging off their walls.

WATCH this video and next time you are in Kochi, pay them a visit!