Tamil cinema, what is happening?

Recently, the Nayanthara and Radharavi controversy really showed that Tamil cinema has a long way more to go to bridge the gender gap. The actor said derogatory staments about Nayanthara and oddly enough, it was during a press meet for her film. The nerve he has to speak that way about her that way!

Pa. Ranjith has always been vocal about his views and we like that!

And recently, producer K Rajan made threatening comments on singer Chinmayi. It almost feels like shaming women on stage have become quite a common habit.

K Rajan said during an audio launch that Vairamuthu has brought fame to Tamil cinema and Chinmayi is bringing it down for him, in the name of cheap publicity. He also added that he has people who can destroy her, making it a case of open threat to her.

Here is the part I like.

After his distasteful speech, director Pa. Ranjith came on stage, and openly condemned and opposed K Rajan’s views. He said that women are exploited and abused in the industry. Actresses like Sri Reddy get trashed because the media for speaking out.

He believes that rather than seeing them as accusations, proper investigations must be made, and just because a woman makes a complaint, she can’t be called a victim or one at mistake. This totally opposes what K Rajan said and many people were happy that he stood up to K Rajan. Many went on to say what Pa. Ranjith did was #Goals for Kollywood.