The South Indian Artistes’ Association, popularly known as the Nadigar Sangam, has set up a committee to safeguard the interests and protect the self-esteem of artistes.

“Yesterday, key members of the Nadigar Sangam met to discuss few issues, and have set up a special committee to safeguard and protect the self-respect, public life evaluation and self-esteem of artistes. While the powers, responsibilities and functions of the special committee are not clear yet, the members, it’s believed, will work towards empowering cine artistes.”

A member of the association said the internal committee would take up complaints.

The special committee came for a meeting to discuss about issues related to safety of artists.

Nadigar Sangam had announced that they would be forming a panel for the safety of artists in October 2018 due to the allegations of harassment against a few members of the Tamil film fraternity last year.

Steps will be taken to ensure the safety of theatre and cinema artistes as well as prevent gender-based harassment and ensure that they work in a safe environment.

Karthi, Suhasini Maniratnam, Rohini, Lalithakumari, Kitti, Poochi Murugan and lawyer Krishna Raveendran were among those who had attended the meeting.