Malaysian rapper Yogi B has made his debut in the Kannada music industry. Music director Charan Raj is currently working on the Kannada film Salaga. He has roped in the internationally acclaimed rapper for a tune.

“Yogi is an independent hip hop and rap artiste of Tamil origin from Malaysia, who has been lending his voice to popular numbers in Tamil cinema. Earlier this week, we recorded the title track of Salaga with him, as his style of singing was best suited for it,” the music director said.

“His voice is unique and worked well for my composition. This song has a lot of funk and hip hop in it. We recorded the song over three days, as Yogi needed time to get the Kannada pronunciations right. We worked on the song line by line and the final version sounds like it has been sung by a Kannadiga (a native Kannada speaker),” says Charan, adding that the song also features classical singer Narayan Sharma and Sanjith Hedge.


Yogi B has recently shared a post of the recording session on his social media platform:

Congratulations, Yogi B. Team Varnam wishes you the very best on this new adventure!