If you’ve ever wondered what being a Covid-19 patient in Malaysia is like, this is a video you need to watch.

Hamdan Hashmuddin, who recently was diagnosed with Covid-19 shared his story via YouTube about what he has experienced. His parents were found to be positive as well.

The 31 year old man who was admitted to Hospital Rembau explained his case was severe as he began to have trouble breathing, but the stigma surrounding coronavirus created a lot of emotions for his family.

Hamdan said unlike him, his parents were asymptomatic throughout their stay in the hospital.

“I want people to know that by self-isolating, they are not only helping themselves but others as well This is a serious illness. For those who are asymptomatic, they would not know about their status unless they are tested, ” he said, adding that people should be aware that they could pass the virus to others despite having no symptoms.

He has also praised the medical officers who treated him in hospital.

“They are very professional and took good care of me. I know I am in a better situation than many people outside of Malaysia. I am very grateful for our good healthcare system, ” he said.