Prevena Ramakrishnan and Priyanka Vairavasundaram were among the 184 young people who were honoured with UK’s Diana Award. The most vulnerable young people have been recognised internationally for driving selfless change into their local communities.

The Diana Award is one of the most prestigious acknowledgments given to young people as Princes Diana belief that young people have the power to change the world. This year, the young people received the prestigious award worldwide through an online ceremony. It’s a formal way to recognise young people who were going above and beyond the expected in their local communities


 Priyanka Vairavasundaram

Priyanka’s work eventually caught the eye of a local activist Professor Dato Dr Anwar Fazal, who nominated her for the prestigious Diana Award. She carries out free motivational talks for poor vulnerable students, through SPARK Students’ Success Program. For the past six years, the 23 -years old has been delivering motivational speeches along with her father R. Vairavasundaram, bringing hope, and confidence to students who felt intimidated by their studies or lacked belief in their academic potential.

Prevena Ramakrishnan

The 17-years old girl from SMK Sultan Badlishah in Kulim, Kedah has been recognised internationally for her humanitarian efforts and efforts in inducing positive changes among the local communities. Prevena advocates for young women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by guiding students and creating various innovation programs to support gender equality in curriculum-based education.

Congratulations to Prevena Ramakrishnan and Priyanka Vairavasundaram, keep up the good work!