Not cooking today, Pavithra?

Yes, the question raised by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin made her heart skip a  beat. Sugu and Pavithra received a special invitation to the launching ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Rukun Negara, held in Putrajaya yesterday (Thursday, 9th July).

“When he asked if I had anything to eat. I was at a loss for words and only managed to reply ‘ah, ah. Yes’,” she told the media.


Husband and wife duo, Sugu and Pavithra popularly known as SuguPavithra became YouTube sensations after their cooking videos gained widespread attention nationwide and internationally.

The 28-year-old housewife was also recently awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button given to channels that reach or surpass 100,000 subscribers.

Sugu serves as a sous chef in the channel and is also featured tucking into his wife’s meals, alongside their two young children. The couple, from their humble beginnings rose to prominence after Pavithra’s cooking videos garnered attention due to her ability to speak fluent Malay.

The couple aims to instil the spirit of the Rukunegara in young children and were seen proudly reciting the Rukunegara during the event.

“Rukunegara is the foundation to strengthen unity. The principles of the Rukunegara are also being taught in schools, but at home, I will try to inculcate the values in my children,” PavitHra said.

The mother of two created the YouTube channel on January 28th this year. The channel has since amassed over 765, 000 subscribers to date, and the videos have captured the hearts of millions for the couple’s humbleness in demonstrating their cooking skills on their YouTube channel. The couple’s household income has risen nearly nine-fold and they plan to open a restaurant next year.

Varnam extends its best wishes to SuguPavithra on their future endeavours and hope their channel continues to grow!