After a recent domestic dispute that caught public attention, the couple Sugu and Pavithra made a comeback to meet their fans after posting their latest Mutton Dalcha video. As usual, the couple posted a video of traditional cooking tutorials on some simple and delicious dishes.

The couple took to their Instagram page to update the fans on their comeback video, at the same time apologised for what took place previously.

Check out the post below:


Netizens showered the 28-year-old with messages of encouragement and support on their YouTube channel. Pavithra has also been praised by netizens for her humility and fluency in Bahasa Malaysia.

For those who want to try their hand at making Dalca, Pavithra is here to show you the easiest way!

On July 24th, Sugu pleaded not guilty at the Ipoh Sessions Court on the charge of carrying a weapon and causing injury to his wife with a mobile phone and a sickle. Pavithra however, withdrew the case with Sugu’s lawyer Mahinderjit Singh and said she had forgiven her husband.

Pavithra also said the couple will decline any recognition or honour from anyone in the future and wants to instead focus on producing cooking videos on Youtube.

Fans of YouTube sensation ‘Sugu Pavithra’ would love to see the duo go further and break through the glass ceiling!