A group of youths have offered unstinting support to help the displaced community cope during the recent flash floods which has caused severe disruption to their daily lives.

Empowered by the spirit of volunteerism, some 11 young volunteers had recently spearheaded the cause by working around the clock to assist the affected organisations namely Pusat Jagaan Ribuan Kasih, an orphanage and Rumah Chasity, an old folks home which also homes disabled communities.

The volunteers started out by visiting one of the welfare centres and discovered that the state of the home was badly affected and lacked manpower to clean-up the flood-ravaged home. It was timely for a course of action by these group of young volunteers, following the disaster that struck the villagers — seemingly out of the blue.


Apart from the work done by the volunteers, their presence in the respective homes was also a huge morale booster to the residents.

Picture Credits: Parthikk Twitter

“My friends and I love our small town very much and we felt it was our duty to help those that are going through a hard time due to this unexpected flood,” said Gavin, one of the volunteers.

After a discussion with team members, the youths have decided to visit the home again to rid it of dirt and rubbish in ensuring hygiene. They’ve also contacted the homeowners while making several other calls to bring in extra donations from generous members of the community.

Picture Credits: Parthikk Twitter

“Although the day was tiring, it was a good one well spent, as we managed to help those in need and I got to meet my friends after months of not seeing them due to COVID-19, ” added Gavin.

Good job guys!