Recently, YouTube has been leveraged as a platform for netizens to showcase their many talents and skills to the eyes of millions. One such talent that came into the limelight is Shalini Devi Ganeson. The 22-year-old born with deformities started embarking on her YouTube journey by posting cooking videos.

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But for Salini, life hasn’t been so great a deal for her. This young lady hasĀ Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a neurological condition caused by weakness and loss (atrophy) in the movement muscles (skeletal muscles) used. It is caused by a loss of specialised nerve cells, called motor neurons which control the movement of the muscles.

Shalini, who is fuelled with a strong desire to make a life for herself despite her disabilities has shown the world that all things are possible with passion, will power and strength. Thus, making use of her immense cooking skills on YouTube to prove just that.


Shalini’s skills has Even Reached an international audience and The young Lady also had an interview with a well known Filipino Youtuber.

The video was uploaded by Urika Angeresu on her youtube channel Ma’am Urika – ‘An Inspiring Woman I Met in Malaysia,’ garnering 1.3 K views in just 2 weeks!

Shalini’s family has been a great ladder of support for her when she wanted to do something productive with her talent. Hence, her cousin helped her open a youtube channel to showcase her talent in cooking. Now, she has more that 3 thousand subscribers on her Youtube Channel platform, earning her way to becoming the next Malaysian Youtube sensation.

In an interview with Urika Angeresu, she was quoted as saying how every individual is gifted with various talents and gifts in them, it depends on the person and how they put in the required effort, believe in themselves and then have faith in God to help them with the rest.

The icon that has been an eye opener to many, is living prove that even with disabilities you could achieve great things in life, present with a strong desire and willpower to succeed against all odds. The YouTuber from the Philippines that recorded her interview with Shalini shed tears of admiration on a young woman who possesses so much of positivity and determination at such a tender age.

Source: Journalist2Jabber

On YouTube, Shalini expressed her genuine interest in cooking by sharing various Malaysian Cuisines with an in-depth explanation on the ingredients needed for each dish.

She has cooked up a wire range of dishes like ayam kicap manis, roti ubi keledek goreng, ikan bilis kacang manis, cendawan goreng ranggup, kangkung belacan, kari ikan bawal emas, coriander pepper chicken, and ikan siakap sweet and sour.

Source: Journalist2Jabber

We at Varnam, extend our heartfelt wishes to Shalini as she embarks on greater milestones in her endeavours.

Well done Shalini Devi Ganesan!

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