Football fans have outdone many extremes to show their love and support towards their respective football teams by drawing large grafiti murals, getting their fan club tattooed on their skin and travelling to countries to watch their favourite club play in action.

A football chauvinist from Malaysia has successfully garnered and amazed his football team, merely by his impressive drawing skills, ultimately getting Liverpool FC itself to contact him privately to buy his drawing.

Ganeshwaran Segar, a diehard 29-year-old Liverpool fan, from Nilai drew an exquisite masterpiece of his dearest football club which took him almost 11 months to complete.



He started working on the Liverpool FC painting in June last year and completed the artwork in April by using artistically selected colourpencils, watercolours and pencils.


James Carroll,  Liverpool FC’s head of news reached out to him personally via his Twitter handle, prior to him sending the Liverpool FC’s management team a video of his drawing.

Ganeshwaran was then further informed that his painting of Liverpool’s 2019 Champions League victory, known as The Six, captivated the club’s assistant manager, Pepijn Lijnders attention, drawing an interest to purchase the painting for himself.

This has left Ganeshwaran in much shock and awe on having Liverpool FC personally reaching out to him enquiring about his masterpiece, despite him sending it out to them without any expectations but genuine love and adoration for the Premier League champions.

His beautiful masterpiece of Liverpool’s 2019 Champions League victory,The Six was displayed at the launch of Boot Room at Navigators a Restaurant Bar & Bistro at Jaya One to reminisce his painting as a main attraction piece.


Boot Room is known as the Malaysian version to an original outlet of Anfield- The Home of Liverpool. This place is a must visit for Liverpool fans to adore their “Champions Wall”, replicas of the Champions League and Premier League trophies and autographed remembrances donated by KL Kopites President Shashidaran Nair.


Ganeshwaran is yet another Malaysian that has made the country proud simply by demonstrating his talent. Well done Ganeshwaran! For those that are keen to get your favourite star or idol painted, do get in touch with Ganeshwaran through his Instagram handle here, or Facebook here. You may also email him personally at ([email protected]) to place your orders for your desired artwork.

Congratulations Ganehswaran! Keep those paintings coming!

Thank you Elvina Fernandez for the heads up.