Independence Day this year marks a special occasion for Malaysians as they battle the COVID-19 global pandemic. This year’s Merdeka celebration is none like the other.

There were no parades at Dataran Merdeka, no performances by citizens or any official celebrations, nevertheless our fellow Malaysians made many confounding initiatives to express their love, gratitude and patriotism towards our beloved Malaysia.


In-conjunction with the 63rd Independence Day, a group of Indian Youths made strides to pay respect towards the frontliners of Malaysia whom took extreme measures in combating the deadly virus by building a 21-foot statue made out of entirely recycled items.

Their remarkable achievement in completing the 21ft statue only took them 6 weeks!

The team comprising Linkesh Veeramohan, Prema Manimaran, Asaithamby Muniandy, Thinushaanee Kunavathyand and Pathma Jamani brought their vision 2020 to life by building this statue.

The 21-foot statue was named Dr.T inspired by their vision 2020, illustrating their gratitude towards all the medical staffs around the globe. 

The team received immense support and guidance from Founder, Marimuthu Nagappan and President, Hashwin Nagappan of Persatuan Kebajikan Awam Malaysia. The officials from Persatuan Awam Malaysia 2020 played an eminent role in motivating the team to build this statue.

Dr.T was done as an effort to acknowledge the frontliners from all corners of the world whom risked their own life to protect others from this disastrous virus.

The statue of Dr. T, garnered a place in the Malaysian Book of Records 2020, for the effort of inventiveness shown by the Youths to build the tallest statue made out of recycled items in Malaysia. 

The event to acknowledge the astonishing creation of the young minds were done by Selayang MP William Leong and Yayasan Anti Rasuah Malaysia (YARM) Vice-President Mohd Nizam Isa. Dr.T speaks of great values that should be cherished and treasured by Malaysians during this tough and trying times.

Dr.T’s statue is a symbol to all Malaysians to cultivate the awareness of recycling and make use of those items to produce creative innovations.

The pandemic did not only bring unity among us to fight the virus together but it thought us to appreciate the existence of our frontliners that strive hard everyday battling the outbreak, jeopardising their own life.

Well done team on your achievement, looking forward to many more innovative inventions!