Nurajahan Mariamah Abdullah — fondly known as Mary, a name that will sure ring a bell in an instant with the mention of homemade nasi lemak!

After receiving contributions and donations from non-government organisations (NGO’s) Mary returned with her trolley to the streets of Taman Desa in Kuala Lumpur after her business had experienced a drop. Mary was delighted and full of hope to operate her stall. However, due to the location no longer being strategic at Jalan Desa Utama, her business had not been promising.

Source: Freemalaysiatoday

Moreover, her customers prefer her to sell nasi lemak out of her trolley. According to her regular customers, they have a difficult time finding her current stall as the location of the shop is isolated from their eyesight. Despite Mary providing them with a GPS location, they still had difficulties finding her stall.

With the support of her sister, Mary still opens the stall from 7 am to 10 am. Meanwhile, to garner customers attention, Mary pushes her trolley around Taman Desa to remind people of her new stall’s location.

Source: Freemalaysiatoday

The hard-working woman had lost her job as a cleaner due to the current pandemic. Since then, in order to make ends meet, the widowed mother of three started selling nasi lemak and mee hoon on her trolley from 6.30 am to 11 am around Taman Desa.