Masks are now almost a part of ourselves ever since the pandemic arose, as a shield to protect ourselves from the deadly Covid-19.

It is now considered as a new norm in our lives, making it a compulsory must wear item before we leave our homes or check out from anywhere, so much so those that aren’t wearing their mask in public are sure to be the subject of deadly stares from passersby.

In a new directive, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has stated that; 


Wearing of masks is only compulsory in crowded public places.

Acknowledging that the use of facial masks as part of the standard operating procedure (SOP) for Covid-19 was still confounding, it is therefore no longer necessary if one is alone and practises safe physical distancing.

In a recent news conference on the status of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), Ismail Sabri said,

There are many public places including parks, but if you are alone there is no need to wear a mask because it is only compulsory in crowded public places. In crowded places such as markets, buses, MRT, LRT and KTM stations, it is a must to wear face masks. But if you are alone or there is physical distance between those present, for example in restaurants, it is not necessary to wear masks. You can’t eat with your mask on.

In the meantime, Ismail Sabri urged local authorities to stand up by suspending the licences of entertainment company owners who still fail to comply with the SOPs.

He said arrests were made nearly everyday in entertainment centres, although many reminders and warnings were given.

He further stated;

The government order is clear, night clubs and entertainment centres are not allowed to resume operations yet and are still under the prohibited list.

He added that the proposal to reopen outdoor activities at Zoo Negara and Legoland was approved by the National Security Council.

With the rising outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, do you think this step is safe for the community? What is your take on this folks?

Let’s all adhere to the SOPs implemented more diligently to curb the spread of Covid-19 and free ourselves from the new norm we are forced to live in!

When there’s a crowd, make sure you get your mask on and remember to sanitise accordingly!