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A detailed affidavit, listing all actions taken by the police to capture the ex-husband of M. Indira Gandhi, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah in hopes to find her youngest daughter, Prasana Diksa was ordered by the High Court of Ipoh.

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There is still hope that the longing mother wil be reunited with her child.

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In 2009, Riduan unilaterally converted his three children to Islam. Upon which, he took Prasana, who was just 11-months-old then, while the elder children, Tevi Darshiny, and Karan Dinesh, who were 13 and 12, respectively, were left with their mother.

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Lawyer Rajesh Nagarajan claimed in his request on behalf of Indira, that the police ignored a prior High Court order to routinely update (on their first week of each month) their initiatives to capture Riduan and recover Prasana – a total of 79 unconfirmed affidavits from the date of issuance of the order on 30th May 2014.

But both the court and the legal team of Indira did not get the updates. 

Following the submission, Judicial Commissioner Bhupindar Singh gave the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC), which represented the police, three weeks to file the affidavit, which would detail all the police’s efforts to arrest Riduan and recover Prasana, from 2014 until today. 

The Malay Mail quoted Rajesh as saying, “The purpose is to ensure the police are doing the job and the court can monitor the order.” 

Yesterday’s court order, however, was a sign that the police had ‘recklessly’ failed to comply with the 2014 court order, stated Indira Gandhi Action Team (INGAT) Chairman, Arun Dorasamy.

According to FMT, ARun added that in January, Indira would file contempt procedings against the police.

Following a lengthy legal battle at both the civil and Syariah courts, the Federal Court in 2016 unanimously declared the conversions null and void.

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The police said they have made various efforts to trace Riduan‘s whereabouts, including appealing for information from the public, but to no avail. 

Source: Malay Mail & Free Malaysia Today