Thaipusam 2021 celebration were contemplated severely due to the SOPs required by the government.

Thaipusam is a yearly celebration practiced by the Indians where devotees pay their respects and vows part of an annual pilgrimage commonly held at the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar Swamy Devasthanam Temple.

The National News

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many strict rules and orders have been proposed by the chairman of the temple Tan Sri R Nadarajah to the Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) for the safety of the devotees and to combat the spreading of the deadly virus, whilst paying their respective vows.

The Proposal Proposed Are:

  1. Non Stop Chariot Procession from KL Sri Maha Mariamman Temple to Batu Caves Temple, Through and From.

  2. No Archanai, Thanner Panthal Booths and etc Throughout Chariot Routes.

  3. No Shops Within Batu Caves Compound and Outside The Temple Area.

  4. Only 2 Persons Allowed To Accompany Paalkudam and Kavadi.

  5. No Ear Piercing and Tonsure Within Batu Caves Temple Premises.

  6. There Will Be Temperature Screening At The Entrance With Sanitisers Installed and Devotees Made Compulsory To Wear Face Masks.

Thaipusam falls on 28th January next year, but devotees would make preparations as early as three months prior to the day to fulfil their vows to deity Lord Murugan. Due to the on going pandemic many are hesitant to pay their visit to the Batu Caves Temple this year and are on a serious look out on updates pertaining to this.

Hopefully, MKN would approve the proposal made for devotees to pay their yearly vows.

Source For Images: The National News