After 105 days spent bracing challenging times at the Bigg Boss House, Aari Arjuna took home the title of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 winner. Aari led the vote count with 17 lakh votes followed by Balaji Murugadoss and three other finalists, including Ramya Pandian, Rio Raj and Som Shekar, according to sources.


Kamal Haasan honoured Aari with the trophy and a Rs 50 lakh Cash prize.

It was in the last couple of months when Aari really captured the hearts of the audience with his exemplary individuality. He is a deserving winner and worthy of the title.

The lad is revered for his integrity, sincerity and fighting spirit. He took a tough stand against ‘groupism’ in Bigg Boss Season 4.

Kamal, on the other hand, presented different titles to all the contestants. Suresh Chakravarthy has the title of ‘Trendsetter,’ while Gabriella Charlton has the title of ‘Sportive’, Som Shekhar won the title of ‘Mr. Clean,’ Archana Chandhoke, of course,  won the title of ‘Best Cooking,’ and Sanam Shetty became the ‘Most Determined Contestant.’ Nisha won the title of ‘Stress Buster,’ Samyuktha won the title of ‘Best Looking.’ 

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Ramesh has received the award of ‘Mr. Don’t care’ and  Anitha Sampath became ‘Bold and Beautiful.’  Aajeedh won the title of ‘Lovable,’ Suchitra won the title of ‘Fearless,’ Velmurugan became ‘Mr Dude,’ Rekha won ‘Braveheart’ and Shivani won the title of ‘Dancing Doll.’

Notably, Ramya Pandian who was evicted on the 105th day, won the title of ‘Singapenne,’ .

Unexpectedly, our nation’s Mugen Rao, who won Bigg Boss Season 3, also joined the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Grand Finale yesterday. The crowd was very happy to see him again on the stage that changed his whole life.