Azhagin Azhagi 2020 winner R Durga Devi, as well a 2nd runner up R Durrgah have named local broadcaster Measat Broadcast Networks Systems Sdn Bhd (Astro) and production house Keris Media Networks Sdn Bhd as defendants in a suit filed in the sessions courts earlier this week.

Azhaghin Azhaghi 2020 is 9-episode Tamil Language Beauty Pageant cum Model Search Reality Show which required 20 finalist to stay in a villa in Rawang, Selangor for 16 days with no access to phone and internet facilities. The 9 episodes were recorded between November 11 to November 26 2019, while the show was broadcasted on Vinmeen HD between September 3 and November 8 last year.


The two winners are claiming that they have yet to receive their respective prize monies, almost a year after being crowned winners. According to the Terms and Condition sheet of Azhaghin Azhagi 2020, the Champion would take home RM60,000 in cash, while the 2nd runner up would receive RM17,000. The 1st runner up would receive RM37,500 cash.

The Terms and Conditions sheet, which is still available online at Astro Ulagam’s cloudfront link further confirms that winners were informed that they will be able to collect their respective prizes within 3 months of notification by the Organizer at Astro’s Headquarters at the All Asia Broadcast Centre in Sungai Besi.

A spokesperson from Measat Broadcast Network Systems (“MBNS”) when contacted, has however refuted the claims against the Company by the winners. According to the spokesperson, they are aware of the suit, but have clarified that the contestants were contracted directly with Keris Media Networks Sdn Bhd (KMN), and urged the contestants to resolve this issue with KMN.

“We are disappointed to learn that a suit has been filed today against our company by two contestants from the show ‘Azhagin Azhagi 2020’. The show was developed and produced by company, Keris Media Networks Sdn Bhd (KMN). The contestants contracted with KMN and not with us. This matter is an issue between the contestants and KMN to resolve. The two contestants first contacted us a few weeks ago regarding their claim and we subsequently wrote to KMN requesting that they engage with the contestants to find a solution. We encourage the contestants and KMN to resolve this matter.”

The two winners are also seeking a declaration that Astro and KMN breached the contract, committed fraud and conspiracy against them, and are also seeking damages and other reliefs deemed fit by the court.

[via Free Malaysia Today]

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